Executive Mini MBA

Innovative Knowledge Institute offers executives a unique boot-camp right in the heart of Paris.
Study in and be inspired by the beauty of the city of light. The River Seine is the pulse of Paris- stroll alongside it after your workshops.
Complete our unique Executive Mini MBA* in the heart of luxurious Paris.
Study at Innovative Knowledge Institute right on the Champs Elysées.
The location is unique because of the number of luxury brands and hotels here.
The Executive Mini MBA programme focuses on marketing and strategy, with room to discuss
luxury brand management. Your case studies are all around you!
Our Executive Mini MBA will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need without the expense
or the time commitment of a normal MBA. Whether you need a top-up or a refresher, the Executive Mini
MBA in Paris is that golden opportunity to upgrade your abilities in one of the capitals of the world.
Modules: Exemple:
•1- Leading People
• 2- Innovation Management
• 3- Marketing Management
•4- Business Strategy
•5- Managerial Accounting & Finance
Innovative Knowledge Institute/ Paris Graduate School
5 modules taught over 5 days.
Includes role-plays, team-building activities and assessments.
Companies who send more than two persons will qualify for group rates.
Contact Us
by phone: +33 1 73 48 14 42
by mail: info@ikinstitute.org
by web: www.ikinstitute.org
Disclaimer: The Executive Mini MBA is a series of business and management workshops. It is not and should not be construed as a normal MBA.