Online Course

Posted on Apr 6, 2017 in Blog

NEW ONLINE COURSE            Level 6,  Diploma in Retail Management   How The Retail Course Will Help You If it was easy to get your products into a Key/Multiple Retailer then you would probably either be trading with them or confident that this will happen. However of course we know it’s not that easy, so how can this Retail Course help you? The course modules will demonstrate how to develop your understanding of how Retail...

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Sisanda Marwa

Posted on Dec 17, 2013 in Blog

I’m a student doing a degree provided by IKI. So far, it’s been a great experience, very convenient way of studying, I paid the fees once, and I was registered without hassle, the course material was supplied and classes began almost immediately. I recommend, IKI because as a student who has had an experience, I found that the delivery provided by IKI is unique, in a sense that, I DO get to see the professor and have a face-to-face with live...

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